Restaurant Impossible
Restaurant  Magnifico!
The all new
Paliani's Restaurant

Celebrating 47 years
serving Authentic Italian Cuisine


In 1965 gas prices were $.31 a gallon.  The number one TV show was Bonanza; everyone was singing the "Name Game" and Angelo & Mary Paliani opened the doors at Paliani’s.

My name is Marina and I'm the niece of Angelo and Mary Paliani.

Like many local Italian family restaurants in the Genesee County area, Paliani's opened under the guidance of my father John Bufalini. John originally started with a small pizza location on Saginaw Street in 1958 called Napoli’s. A few years later the original location closed and John built a trio of restaurants eventually selling two to partners. If you're from the Flint area, you probably guessed it right...John's Pizzeria and Family Restaurant. Over the years, John also helped many family members and friends establish their own pizzerias. Many of these restaurants still exist, continuing the family tradition. Paliani’s is one of those restaurants... I guess you can say "pizza runs in my blood"

In 2007, my cousin Phil Paliani, was ready to sell the restaurant after 30 years in the kitchen. I couldn't imagine anyone but family running it. So I moved home and purchased the restaurant. I grew up a local girl with Paliani's which is a true reflection of my heritage, it was my first real job, and along with the rest of the Burton community something that I grew up with and it always felt like home. And now it is home again!

You've seen us on Restaurant Impossible so you know what a challenge it has been. We've gone from Restaurant Impossible to Restaurant Magnifico. 


A LOT of things have changed since 1965.   The look of the area has changed; Seeley's Drug Store and Ben Franklin's are gone. What hasn't changed is The Paliani's family heritage and our commitment to providing the local community with what we do best. Serve our families Authentic Italian Cuisine.  Paliani's is "home" to so many people in the area, spanning many generations. Our loyal customer base continues to grow all the time. Our diners continue to visit for a bit of nostalgia and experience the great Italian Food, they grew up with. Even moving away from the area doesn’t deter the continued patronage, when they're back in the area visiting - coming ‘home’ includes Italian dining at Paliani’s.

Even though we are a strong standing landmark - we have managed to change with the times. We've remodeled the front entrance way; added Beer, Wine & Liquor to serve with your meal.  

We also have a new logo - you'll notice that all of us sport the 'three Guido’s' on our jackets and shirts. It is a concept that my mom and I designed for our Paliani Family Reunion several years back...we even added a new slogan - Mangia e statti zitto (shut up and eat) But believe me - we only say it in the most loving way.

Thanks so much for including us in your lives for the past 47 years - we look forward to keeping you in our 'family' for a long time!


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